A multi-level program makes it possible to transform over three months, to replenish energy and improve the quality of life. Achieving a visible result in a short time is facilitated by a combination of techniques that have the property to enhance each other's impact: deep physiological detoxification, antioxidant therapy, immunocorrection, procedures for restorative medicine for the body, face and hair, procedures that stimulate the elimination of toxins and allergens.

The main concept is aimed at activation excretory systems of the body, the removal of toxins and excess fluid from the body. Step by step cleansing of the intestine, liver, blood flow and improvement of the lymphatic system.
All this is achieved due to the triple effect:

  • Voriously matched individual detox therapy.
  • Replenishment of missing micro- and macroelements with the help of unique Japanese slides.
  • The body aesthetics (hammam, massages and body wraps).


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