This 14-day course is referred at preparing the body for stem cell rejuvenation and is based on the complex elimination of toxins and allergens from the body, due to the correction of nutrition and cleansing of the intestine, liver, kidneys, blood and skin. 

In the course of the program, complex diagnostics of the body, which include: 

  • laboratory check-up, 
  • ultrasound examination of internal organs, 
  • consultation of an anti-age therapist with the forming of an individual nutrition program, 
  • consultations of other specialists - osteopath, dermatologist-cosmetologist, gynecologist / andrologist, endocrinologist. 
As a result, an individual program of detoxification, rehabilitation and rejuvenation is appointed. 

Detox procedures

  • drippers, 
  • injections of vitamins, 
  • hepato-, cardioprotectors, etc., 
SPA - procedures

  • vacuum-roller apparatus massage LPG, 
  • biostimulation on the Futura-Pro device, 
  • hydromassage, 
  • RF-lifting, 
  • body massages (classical and exotic), 
  • hamam and wraping, as well as all kinds of cosmetology services,
  • individual work with the trainer, yoga, pilates, TRX. 

All this in a complex will ensure the correct preparation of the body for the introduction of stem cells.

The cost of the program: 21 970$ (2 injection  of stem cells)

The cost includes: the introduction of autologous stem cells, a full detox course, a healthy diet program (3-time + 2 snacks, individually selected by a nutritionist), medical insurance, hotel accommodation 4 *, transfer throughout the period, cultural program

Bonus: face massage + lifting facial treatment + chromotherapy session


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