This is a procedure that combines the advantages of two technologies: fractional and radiofrequency rejuvenation. Infini device (USA) powerfully affects the deep layers of the skin, but it does not injure the epidermis at all.

The result of the procedure is very bright and comparable to laser rejuvenation, but without its inherent risks and with a minimum recovery period.

Who needs 3D-lifting using the Infini method?

  • Those who want a radical rejuvenation effect without surgery. Laxity, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, stretch marks, coarsening of the skin - these are all indications for the procedure.
  • Those who like the effect of laser procedures, but do not like the pain and long rehabilitation period.
  • For those who want excellent results without scars, burns and pigmentation spots.

How it works?

Revolutionary Infini effect consists of two components:

  • Medical puncture,
  • Radio frequency thermolysis.

Therapeutic puncture.The nozzle of the device is 16 or 49 isolated microneedles with gold sputtering 0.2 mm in diameter. They quickly penetrate the skin to a depth of 3.5 mm - 3 times deeper than with conventional fractional rejuvenation. The skin receives a signal urgently to activate the growth factors, to start recovery mechanisms. At the same time the epidermis is almost not damaged: thousands of tiny punctures heal within a few minutes.

Radio pulses. A high-frequency radio frequency emission is applied to the tip of the needle. At the time of the puncture, these impulses irritate collagen fibers, shorten them, stimulate fibroblasts and trigger the rapid synthesis of new collagen.

Studies confirm: the area of heat Infini surrounds only the tip of the needle and does not affect the epidermis. If a similar effect was provided by a laser, thermal burns would be unavoidable.

What are the benefits of Infini?

  • Efficacy — as in an invasive procedure, traumatic - as in a non-invasive procedure. Infini gives an impressive effect of rejuvenation, and the risks and rehabilitation period are minimal.
  • Improved skin nutrition. As a result of micro-punctures, the number of intercellular channels, along which valuable nutrients move, increases.
  • Safe needles. Infini needles are covered with a thin layer of gold and do not cause irritation. Their heat and electrical conductivity is 15 times higher than that of a similar steel needle. The base of the microneedle is insulated with silicone, which protects the epidermis from heat exposure. All nozzles are disposable.
  • Individual adjustment of the device. In accordance with your tasks and the characteristics of your skin, the doctor can accurately regulate the depth, duration and intensity of Infini exposure. All needles are isolated and can be used both simultaneously and separately.
  • Advanced achievement of cosmetology. 3D-lifting is an innovative technique, first introduced in 2012. In our clinic, the Infini device was successfully tested for several months and received high patient ratings.
  • Proven effectiveness. Advantages of Infini technology are confirmed by clinical studies and more than 10 000 procedures conducted around the world.

How does the procedure work?

If desired, your face is treated with an anesthetic cream. Then the doctor applies the device to the skin areas, regulates the depth, time and intensity of exposure, after which the micro-needles automatically penetrate the skin in just 0.01 seconds. From 0.001 to 1 second leaves for the treatment of the skin with a radio pulse, after which the needles are automatically extracted in 0.01 seconds.

The total duration of the procedure is 1-2 hours, during this time about 200,000 microprograms are performed.

For complex facial rejuvenation, 2-3 procedures are required.

Price: 11 500 UAH


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