Weight is typed lightning fast and unnoticed, and get rid of it takes a long time. Moderate or separate food, guarantee the preservation of the figure. In order to maintain the desired harmony, one must always observe the limits already clogged. So it was before. There is an exit.

A unique and completely revolutionary development, which is successfully used for effective weight loss.

But the range of possibilities Futura Pro is much wider. What can this amazing apparatus?

The device helps:

  • When adjusting the shape;
  • Eliminates extra pounds;
  • Treats cellulite;
  • Form new contours;
  • Creates a new breast shape or improves it.

The range of possibilities of the biostimulator includes such functions as lymphatic drainage, detoxification and massage (moisturizing).

To whom does this fit?

The course of unusual treatment can get not only women, but also men. If there is not enough time for classes in the gym, Futura Pro can replace them. A 30-minute session can give the body the load that it would experience in 3 hours of intensive training.

The system Futura Pro perfectly tones up muscle tissue and for this system it was time to call it gymnastics for couch potions. If you do not have enough time to go to the gym or simply do not want to go in for sports, the biostimulator is an excellent alternative.

All wave frequencies that are used in the system are approved by physiologists. So the creators approached the organization of the safety of both the patient and the cosmetologist.

How is magic born?

The doctor sets the necessary parameters for the best solution of the problem. Then everything follows a certain algorithm of actions:

  • Drainage. The goal is to detoxify the body.
  • Stimulation. In this mode, burning of adipose tissue, deposits accumulated under the skin occurs.
  • Repeated drainage action for removing fats.

The Futura Pro is programmed in such a way that its microcurrents affect the skin, subcutaneous fat and further on the muscle mass itself. That the client did not feel pain after the termination of procedure, experts finish a session active lymphatic drainage.

This is a necessary measure. The pain here is a natural muscle reaction, a session of 30-35 minutes on the stimulator is comparable to a 3-hour sports training.

The effect of the method is cumulative. For a full-fledged renewal of the body, a course of 10-12 visits to the doctor is established.

Price: from 1150 UAH


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