The procedure for laser lipolysis is based on the use of a laser in the operating range of 658 nm.
Numerous clinical studies have shown that subcutaneous adipose tissue is sensitive to this particular wavelength.

This is the basis of the principle of laser lipolysis from iLipo. The laser acts locally only on the fat cells. For surrounding tissues, it is absolutely harmless. iLipo, or "smart alternative to liposuction," is a revolutionary figure correction system that combines the functions of low-frequency laser exposure, laser vacuum massage and multipolar radio wave interference. This combination allows to solve the issue of correction localized on any parts of the body without pain, discomfort and stress on the liver. The decrease in volume after the 1st procedure, on average, is from 2.5 to 4.5 cm.
iLipo is a revolutionary development of the English company Chromogenex, the world leader in non-invasive laser technologies, represented in more than 50 countries. ILipo, which has won many world awards as the most effective and safe method in the field of figure correction, is now in Ukraine in Soul Spa Anti-Age.

  • Indications: decrease in the volume of the abdomen, knees, hips, buttocks, hands and chin.
  • Duration: from 60 min.
  • Restoration: does not require.
  • Course: 8 procedures, with a frequency of 2 procedures per week.
  • Maximum effect: it will be prolonged if the correct diet and periodic physical exertion are observed.
  • It is considered to be: shockwave therapy, mesotherapy of the body, lymph drainage manual massage, hydro massage / cardio loadings

Why ILipo recommend:

  • Result - minus 1 size after the first procedure
  • possibility of impact on any zone
  • lasting effect
  • the procedure is painless
  • fat cells are not destroyed
  • has no specific contraindications
  • has no side effects and negative effects on the liver
  • the device has international quality certificates (FDA, CE, ISO)
  • manufactured in the UK
  • efficacy and safety confirmed by more than 30 clinical studies of leading clinics in Europe and the United States.

Efficacy of ILipo:

  • figure correction
  • struggles with cellulite and stretch marks
  • cтимулирует работу лимфатической системы
  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • improves microcirculation
  • saturates skin with oxygen
    Stimulates the synthesis of collagen
  • restores the elasticity of the skin

Principle of action ILipo:

All, without exception, patients describe the procedure as comfortable and compare it with rest.
The procedure consists of 4 stages and lasts 1 hour.

  • 1st stage:
    • Diagnosis - the device measures the ratio of fat tissue to muscle mass, and the specialist measures the volumes in the affected area. The device saves the entered data, and also in the interactive format analyzes efficiency of procedures and dynamics of reduction of adipose tissue.
  • Stage 2:
    • Laser treatment. In each of the 4 manipulators iLipo installed 15 laser sources. In total there are 60 laser sources in the apparatus. Manipulas are attached to the affected area. In parallel, two small nozzles are installed in the area of the lymph nodes to stimulate the lymph flow. You will feel only pleasant warmth during the procedure.
  • Stage 3:
    • The effect of a laser vacuum-roller nozzle. Vacuum massage, combined with the laser, is performed immediately after laser therapy and improves lymphatic drainage, removes fatty acids, stimulates collagen synthesis and restores skin elasticity. Feels like this stage of the procedure is similar to a usual warming up massage.
  • Stage 4:
    • Multipolar radio wave action. The multipolar radio wave nozzle combines the advantage of mono- and bipolar energy and, thus, performs two functions: deep warm-up for more effective lipolysis and surface warming for skin tightening in the treated area.
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