LPG body massage is a unique procedure that has no analogues. With LPG body massage, not only the cellulite problem is solved, but also a number of aesthetic tasks: reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer, body contouring, restoration of the skin puffiness and reduction of the area of sagging tissues. The body treatment for LPG is the only cosmetic technique that is confirmed by the American medical certification system, which is really effective in combating cellulite.

The essence of LPG body massage, and in particular LPG stomach massage, is the mechanical kneading of the three-dimensional fold of the skin, which is maintained by the action of vacuum. Given the unique features of this technique and the effect of the LPG stomach, it can not even be roughly compared with vacuum, vibrational or manual massages. With LPG body modeling, you'll notice improvements after just the first sessions. The skin of the abdomen will become more elastic and smooth, stretch marks will be less pronounced. You will also find a significant reduction in waist size.

To the LPG, breast massage is often resorted to by women in the postpartum period, during and after rapid weight loss. Indications for the purpose of lifting the lift of the LPG breast are:

  • pronounced stretch marks;
  • дflabby and saggy skin of the breast;
  • edema of tissues;
  • wrinkles in the decollete zone;
  • hematoma;
  • post-acne.

Due to the pronounced lymphatic drainage and lifting effect, the density of the skin of the breast increases, in its tissues the content of collagen increases, the area of the treated area is reduced to 20%, the quantity and depth of wrinkles decreases.

The LPG body massage procedure is conducted for a total of 35 minutes, the course includes 10 to 20 treatments. To date, the LPG procedure for the body is one of the more effective method of correcting the figure.

Depending on the choice of the program for LPG modeling, you can work on tissues located at different depths, reaching the muscles and ligaments. For example, LPG hand massage has been widely used in therapy, rehabilitation and rehabilitation medicine. In sports medicine, also often resort to LPG massage for calves, which is due to its pronounced neurosensory effect.

It is worth noting that the body's LPG procedure gives an amazing overall health effect, promotes deep relaxation and improves mood.

Specialists of Soul Spa Anti-Age Clinic make the most effective massage programs individually for each client, based on survey data and indications for use.

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