Soul Spa anti-age Barbershop offers you to try the Royal shaving, which originates from England. This is the shaving with a straight razor, the process of which is a whole ritual. The procedure begins with cleansing and steaming the skin with a hot compress. With the help of a compress your blood circulation improves, the cornified layer of the skin softens; Then, applying the foam to the face special swab. Traditional rituals - shaving with a straight razor. While shaving not only excess facial hair cutting off, but also the dead skin.

After exfoliation, the skin becomes smoother, pores are opening, the skin begins to breathe and better absorb nutrients that are part of lotions and creams. Shaving - is primarily a process that triggers the mechanism of improving the quality of the skin; Massage is able to relax the facial muscles and improve lymph flow. Toning and moisturizing the skin. Aftershave lotion disinfects the skin and moisturizing cream softens and nourishes the skin with moisture. Eau de cologne is used at the end of the procedure.

This procedure can be a great gift to your man!


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