General information

  • Anti Age therapist, medical experience - 10 years.
  • Member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS).

Briefly about myself

I came to anti-age medicine after having worked as a practicing physician in a therapeutic hospital and as a pedagogue at the National Medical University, I realized that I could be more useful to society if I were to effectively prevent disease development and not "heal" them in already started stages (It is with such conditions, as a rule, the hospital doctor faces). While studying in Warsaw and working on my Ph.D. thesis on the genetic predisposition to combined diseases of the lungs and pancreas, I learned that even if a person inherited a particular gene mutation, this does not mean that he is "doomed to get sick" - there is Proven mechanisms that allow you to live better and longer! I was lucky with all my teachers, thanks to whom I learned (and continue to learn) many new and useful things - homeopathy, Ayurveda, nutritiology, psychology, biopuncture, epigenetics ... I believe that the list of new knowledge and skills will grow). In the work of the doctor, it is important to work closely with the patient, whose goal is to select the lifestyle, nutrition, methods of detoxification and modern prevention of age-related changes that are most appropriate to his individuality, and to train oneself to control oneself. During the consultation, it is important for me to draw up a holistic picture of the state of health (this is the difference between the anti-age medicine and the narrowly focused specialty, for example, the oculist is interested only in the eye, the dentist has a tooth). At the same time, emphasis is placed on the strengths of the body in order to activate internal defense mechanisms, because in each of us, at the genetic level, information on restoring disorders is stored, it is only necessary to "get involved" in the healing process leading to natural healing and rejuvenation. Together with you we will develop an individual program for managing age, taking into health indicators and your preferences. Be healthy, young and active! See you at Soul Spa Anti Age!

Seminars, Trainings and Conference

  • 2009 - certificate of attestation of a specialist doctor No. 4950 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • 2008-2009 - Professional internship at the National Institute of TV and Lung Disease (Warsaw, Poland)
  • 2009-2015 - participant of the conferences (including international) as a speaker
  • 2012 - certificate of training in clinical residency in the specialty "Therapy"
  • 2014 - further training in the specialty "Therapy", courses "Pedagogy of higher education" on the basis of the chair of higher education organization, management of health care and epidemiology
  • 2015 - participant of the training "Combination of bioregulatory Therapy with Autohemotherapy"
  • 2015 - participant of the training "Biopuncture as a method to improve the effectiveness of bioregulatory therapy"
  • 2016 - participant of the training "Method of Infusion Therapy with bioregulatory preparations"
  • 2016 - Specialization in homeopathy in the Homeopathic center of D. Popov


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