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  • Aesthetic doctor, figure correction

Briefly about myself

I use knowledge from ortho-bionomics to stimulate reflexes, stimulating the processes of healing the body, the psyche and the body as a whole. At the physiological level, this makes it possible to relieve acute or chronic pain, to increase the mobility of the joints. On the psycho-emotional and energetic level, Ortho-Bionomics techniques allow you to contact our deep source, unravel the knots that have arisen because of physical and psychological stress, to free the body from "stuck" in traumatic states and memories. All this in general increases the level of self-awareness and integrity of the entire human system.

Seminars, Trainings and Conference

  • 2004 - graduated from Sumy State University. A.S. Makarenko. Specialty "Physical rehabilitation". Qualification - rehabilitation specialist
  • 2013 – participant of the seminar "An Introduction to Applied Functional Science" , Thirst 4 Function Academy
  • 2014 - participant of the master class and certification "Functional Movement and Gait Analysis" - The Spine & Pelvis, Thirst 4 Function Academy
  • 2015 - participant of the practical course «Upper Extremity» Level 3, Thirst 4 Function Academy
  • 2015 - participant of the practical course «Total Body Integration», Level 4, Thirst 4 Function Academy
  • 2016 – participant of the seminar "Neuro-lymphatic reflexology at Chapman and Goodhart points. Application in osteopathy, ortho-bionomics and kinesiology», INSTITUTE OF INTEGRAL PSYCHO-PHYSICAL THERAPY


  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Anticellulite massage
  • Myofascial massage
  • Hydromassage
  • Peelings and body wraps



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