General information

  • Physiotherapist, Rehabilitologist
  • Leading specialist in yumeicho-therapy, shiatsu and clinical somatics
  • "Top massage therapist of 2007"
  • The training at the founder of the school, yumeiho
  • Trained by specialists from different countries of Europe and America, as well as in Asian countries
  • International Coach for Somatic Training and Feldenkrais Method

Briefly about myself

For 22 years of practice, I created an author's technique combining yumeiho-terapy, shiatsu and Feldenkrais method. Yumeiho-technique is 100 fundamental massage movements that affect the entire body of a person- a locomotor apparatus with an emphasis on pelvic bones and correction of vertebral deformations, including a special complex of pressing, kneading massage. This method allows you to effectively work out the deep muscles, which, with a classic massage (when the upper layers of muscles quickly fill with blood) can not be worked out with their tension. Yumeiho-complex allows to relieve tension - then deeper muscles become more elastic, their blood supply and blood circulation improve, muscle hypertonus is removed due to action on biologically active points. And the method of Clinical Somatics and Feldenkrais gives special opportunities for making changes in the sensory and motor zones of the brain. This program consists not of physical exercises, but of somatic. The purpose of which is to provide control over the movements of the muscles. It should be highly conscious to treat each exercise, because you exercise both your brain and your body.

Seminars, Trainings and Conference

  • 2003 - Yumeicho certification
  • 2005 - practical course "Stone massage" company TH.STONE (USA)
  • 2005 - basic course "Fundamentals of Thai massage" St. Carlos Group
  • 2006 - participant of the seminars "Neuromuscular reduction", "Transversal massage" INMASTER
  • 2007 - practical course on Water Shiatsu and Zen-touch Shiatsu of the Seymour Koblin School, California
  • 2007 - 2009 permanent lecturer at the International Beauty Industry Congresses Beauty Expo "World of massages"
  • 2008 - participant of the seminar "Manual lymph drainage by E. Wodder in the procedures for body care", Guy Dumont, France
  • 2009 - practical course "Cranial Osteopathy", Academy of Osteopathy in Indiana
  • 2010 - practical course "Diagnosis and improvement of osteopathic techniques"
  • 2011 - participant of the international seminar "Osteopathy and Emotions", Ukrainian Association of Osteopaths
  • 2011 - participant of the international seminar "Ayurvedic Massage Therapiest " Ayurveda Holistic Healing Center, India
  • 2012 - participant of the international medical seminar "Osteopathic approach in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system in children", Ukrainian Association of Osteopaths
  • 2016 - international training course of cranio-sacral therapy "Fundamentals of holistic treatment. Connecting to Resources», IGKU Ukraine / Switzerland


  • Shiatsu
  • Yumeiho-therapy
  • Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Clinical somatics and movement training Feldenkrais
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Stone therapy


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